Terms and Conditions

All contracts between XCURSION MOBILE and its customers for E-fatbike, kayak, and paddle board tours and/or rentals, including accessories, are subject to these terms and conditions.

Section 1: The Proposal

  1. XCURSION MOBILE creates an online offer based on the customer’s preferences. The offer specifies the type of service (e.g., rent an E-fatbike, fat bike, kayak, or paddle board), the length of the rental time, and the cost. In addition, it provides information on the company’s hours of operation and phone number, as well as payment options and insurance types.
  2. When a customer accepts an XCURSION MOBILE offer, the contract is formed.
  3. At all times, XCURSION MOBILE retains ownership of the rental motorcycles and their accessories. 

Section 2: Price and Timeframe

  1. The customer is not permitted to return a rental product after the contract’s return date and hour
  2. One day is defined as 24 hours.
  3. No refunds will be given if the bike is returned before the end of the rental agreement.
  4. XCURSION MOBILE has the right to charge clients an additional 35$ of the daily rental fee for each hour that the rental term is exceeded.
  5. XCURSION MOBILE has the right to reclaim the bicycle if it is not returned on time.

Section 3: Cancellations

  1. When a customer cancels a product rental, the following rules apply:
  • Up to seven days before to the tour or the commencement of the bike rental, the whole amount will be reimbursed.
  • If you cancel between 7 and 4 day(s) in advance, you will receive a 50% refund.
  • If you cancel fewer than 4 days in advance, you will be charged 100% of the amount.
  1. The countdown for cancellations begins at 9am (local Canada time) on the day of the tour or bike rental.
  2. E-mail cancellations are the only method for cancelling outside of normal business hours.

Section 4: Payment and Transfer

  1. First and foremost, the rental fees must be paid in advance.
  2. To secure a rental deposit, a credit card and a valid driver’s licence or passport must be on hand.
  3. Within 24 hours of the product’s return, the deposit will be refunded to your credit card. The customer will be contacted if the product is damaged, and the deposit will be refunded less the cost charged for the damage.
  4. It is the rider’s responsibility to return the rented item on the day and time agreed upon by the company and the rider, and any damage or theft will be the responsibility of the rider (s).
  5. When equipment defects, participants must notify The Company.
  6. Riders must obey all traffic regulations and ride safely.

Section 5 (a); Customer duties and responsibilities

  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to take care of the product and use it appropriately.
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the Rental Product in the same condition as it was received.
  3. Customers must ensure that they have sufficient medical, health, or travel insurance.
  4. From the moment the equipment is hired until it is returned, customers are responsible for its care and security, including the damage and theft of rented items.
  5. Equipment must be returned on time as agreed upon between the company and the rider (s).
  6. It is the customer’s responsibility to report any problems with the equipment to the company.
  7. All traffic rules must be obeyed by customers.
  8. In order to use XCURSION MOBILE products outside of the city where they were purchased, customers must get permission from XCURSION MOBILE beforehand.

Section 5 (b): Additional Customer Instructions

  1. The customer is responsible for returning the product in good condition.
  2. Customers must return the product with a copy of the contract.
  3. The consumer is responsible for inspecting the product before riding and notifying XCURSION MOBILE staff of any potential issues. Customers are allowed to use a replacement product if the problem cannot be fixed immediately.
  4. In the event of personal injury, product damage or loss, the customer must call XCURSION MOBILE immediately.
  5. Follow the directions provided by XCURSION MOBILE.
  6. If you’ve been injured or damaged, provide all relevant information and documentation.

Section 6: A-Bike responsibilities

  1. XCURSION MOBILE delivers a product that complies with all applicable laws and regulations and is clean, well maintained, and in good mechanical condition.
  2. XCURSION MOBILE shall make a report of any damage to the product prior to the rental in the presence of the customer.
  3. XCURSION MOBILE will inspect the product for damage as soon as it is returned.

Section 7: The Contract’s Termination

  1. XCURSION MOBILE is allowed to cancel the contract and confiscate the product if:
  2. The client fails to fulfil one or more of his obligations.
  3. The client dies, is placed under guardianship, requests for moratorium, is certified bankrupt, or is in a legal debt management regime.
  4. If XCURSION MOBILE seizes the product(s), the customer must fully cooperate.
  5. The contract is immediately terminated if the customer dies during the rental period.
  6. XCURSION MOBILE is not responsible for any damage resulting from contract cancellation.